Kris Ramotar

Kris Ramotar


Kris Ramotar is a real estate agent who is known for his extensive market knowledge of Windsor Essex County, Ontario, and his unmatched devotion to clients. Using a client-first approach, Kris strives to provide thoughtful assistance while being honest, professional, and accessible along the way.

Kris understands everyone’s situation is different, so he takes time to evaluate his clients’ needs and to build healthy relationships with them. He prides himself on being a real estate agent who values relationships over transactions, and it shows in all the work he does.

“Kris is a godsend,” says Calvin Joshva, a former client. Calvin continues, “He is honest, earnest, straightforward, and someone who looks out for you. Kris sincerely puts your interest over his, and he is more of a friend and less of an agent.”

Specialties and Market Knowledge
Because he serves the greater Windsor-Essex region, Kris keeps a close eye on the housing market so that he can provide clients with accurate insights and strategic advice.


Kris enjoys working with home buyers and has a passion for helping those who are first-time buyers or who are new to the area with the challenges of purchasing a home. Kris treats his clients' money like it is his own – making sure they buy a home that is worth their dollars. Kris always tells his clients that he only suggests homes in which his family would be comfortable living.


When it comes to working with sellers, Kris does everything in his power to market his clients’ homes effectively. He uses professional photography, drones, videos, and several marketing tactics to make sure his clients’ homes sell. Kris also takes pride in his ability to market homes as he understands it is an important aspect of his service to clients.

Living in Windsor Essex
Kris lives in Lakeshore, Ontario with his wife, Melanie; three daughters, Alexandra, Gabrielle, and Zara; and the family cat, Rajie. He and his family love the Windsor-Essex area because it is a safe, kid-friendly location with access to Lake Saint Clair and Lake Erie. Kris and Melanie also enjoy the light traffic as it makes for an easy commute for work and recreation


Kris admits to being an extreme foodie. He and his family frequent several local restaurants and wineries ranging from Italian dinners at Spago or Nico Taverna to Indian cuisine at Swaad. They also enjoy visiting Hellenic Subs and salad, Island spice, Jacks Gastro Pub, and The Keg. When he’s not indulging in his favorite local eateries, Kris enjoys exercising, spending time with his family, and watching cricket. Kris can even be found playing cricket at Jackson park!

Humble Beginnings

Kris was born in Guyana, a country in South America. He and his family moved to Toronto in December of 1987; then, he moved to Windsor, Ontario in 2003. His parents were poor and did not finish grade school, but they raised a tight-knit family and rejoiced in who they were -- hardworking, honest, humble, and respectful people. Kris attributes his personal values and real estate philosophy to the example his parents set for him.


Kris wants his children to always remember where they came from, and to appreciate the struggles of what his family endured to get to where they are now. To set an example for his children the way his parents did for him, Kris seeks to create opportunities for others who face adversity. Kris is partnering with Belle River High School, a local school in Lakeshore, Ontario, to spearhead an annual scholarship for a high school graduate who has overcome many obstacles to attend postsecondary education.